Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Beauty - Festive and Seasonal Nails!

Hey guys,

Seeing as the festive season is slowly and sadly coming to an end, I thought I would perk you all up by showing you some sparkle in a seasonal nail art post. I personally believe once it gets to mid December you can slather litres of glittery and shimmery nail polish on without a care in the world. It just becomes acceptable. However, there are ways in carrying out this fun trend without being too OTT and garish. If you are feeling stuck in a rut for colour combinations (apart from the standard red and green that has been etched into our eyes all month) then look below for examples of my own...


Top Coat: China Glaze Gold Crocodile effect
Base Coat: Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate Moss Collection in ''Mars''

I believe this first combination would be perfect for Christmas time due to the festive yet slightly subtle shades of gold and red. The crocodile/ crackle effect is a stylish and trendy substitute for pure glitter polish, you know, for those of you who don't want to be mistaken for one of the glittery baubles on the tree.

           Top Coat: Ciate mini in ''Snow Fall''
           Base Coat: Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate Moss Collection in ''Acid House''

This second combination is intended for NYE. This forest green with slight shimmer is the perfect transitional shade for those who don't quite want to let go of their christmas spirit, yet still want to be on trend. Green is always in for A/W time. In conjunction, the half/half/ombre/dip-dye effect of the glittery top coat allows the nails to be fun and glittery while not having any fear of being, lets face it, tacky.

At the end of the day (or year ahahah #punny), nails are nails, so pretty much anything goes. All girls know that the act of painting ones nails can feel like a therapeutic and creative outlet, so feel free to do whatever combination floats your boat. Why not comment what you are wearing on your nails for NYE? On that note, hope you all have a fun NYE and a fab year in 2015! See you with more posts next year :)

Lauren (yourlifeplaylist)
x x x        

Friday, 19 December 2014

My First Time Tag

Long time no speak! Apologies for the serious lack of posts but I have just finished my first semester of University and I have been adapting to a drastic change in lifestyle (which I absolutely love). However, now that I am on winter break, I have much more spare time to focus on my blogging. A trait I hope to bring into 2015. I thought I would kick start with the popular and (slightly risqué named) ''My First Time Tag'' to update you a little bit more about me. Hope you enjoy xxx

1) Do you still talk to your first love?

2) What was your first job?
Unfortunately I haven't had one

3) What was your first car?
I haven't even passed yet :(

4) Who was the first person who texted you today?
Nathan or Hannah

5) Who's the first person you thought of this morning?
My sister as she woke me up

6) Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs Rosenberg

7) Where did you go on your first airplane ride?

8) Who was your first best friend & do you still talk to him/her?
Maya and most definitely

9)Where was your first sleepover?
Either my cousins or Maya's

10) Who was the first person you talked to today?
Probably my sister

11) Who's wedding were you in for the first time?
Haven't been in one :(

12) What was the first thing you did this morning?
Checked my phone

13) What was the first concert you ever went to?
Taylor Swift

14) First Broken Bone?
Thankfully I haven't broken a bone

15) First Piercing?

16) First Foreign Country?

17) First movie you remember seeming in the theaters?
101 Dalmations

18) When was your first detention?
Year 7

19) Who was your first roommate?
Romy and Safi

20) What was the first lesson you ever took?

Please feel free to leave a comment and link me to your blog xxx

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hi Guys!

Just writing to inform you that I have set up a Depop account which is selling lots of clothes and other fun fashion and beauty bits. Would really love it if you checked it out! I mean, who knows, I may have to give a cheeky discount to those who say they are customers from my blog? For those of you who don't know, Depop is a free app in the App Store used to buy and sell items, in a similar format to Instagram. Lots and lots of YouTubers use and promote it so it is completely 100% safe. I recommend it entirely as it's way more fun than platforms such as eBay and Amazon, due to the lack of complicatedness and sheer ability to be creative with pictures and filters :)

My account name is; lrosenberg1

Hope to see you there!

Lots of love,

Lauren xxx


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review: Battle of the Tans

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer days being lazy and carefree. But I can assure you I am back with a gud 'un! With it being the summery month of July now, (if that's what you want to call it when in England), people may start to feel a little pasty.To conquer that pale and pasty feeling in a safe and stress free manner, I strongly recommend instant tans. I used to think tanning was complicated, time consuming and expensive but I am writing today to prove otherwise...

All you need for a successful tan is your preferred choice of;

  • exfoliater 
  • moisturiser 
  • tanning mitt (not needed but makes life easier and hands free from orange)
  • and obviously - THE INSTANT TAN
(If you are on a budget - such as me - do not fear! I don't think it matters too much in which exfoliater/moisturiser is used. I literally just use whatever is lying around the house). 

Types of tan

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan - Shade ''Light Matte'' - 6/10

This being the first tan I ever used, I was fairly happy. The shade is perfect for someone with even the palest of skins, so if you are a beginner, do not be afraid of turning up to a party with the fear of having an orange and unnatural tan. Also, this is the ''wash off''' and ''transfer resistant'' edition, which means it is easy to remove if one makes a mistake. Another query I used to have before tanning was the dreaded ''biscuit'' smell. However, the smell of this tan is delightful, very clean smelling. Perfectly acceptable for the face too. I can vouch for this as I have extremely sensitive/acne prone skin and I had no problem whatsoever. 

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan - Water resistant - Shade Medium Matte - 10/10

Despite being of the same range as the one above, the two are very different. Firstly, this is water resistant, meaning that it is that little bit tougher to take off. This means that it is sweat proof, rain proof etc, allowing one to have a more stress free tan experience, while still being deemed ''instant'' as it is easily removed with soap and water. Another difference is the shade, being one darker. Having slight yellow tones in my skin, I much prefer this shade as it is more on the ''tan'' side rather than the ''glow'' side. This is perfect for all over the body as well as my face. All I do is mix a small pea sized amount in with my normal shade foundation and it matches perfectly. Other than those two differences, this is the same as the first tan price wise, smell wise, amount wise etc. However the first one is of an older packaging. Both retail for £6.99 in Superdrug, yet you can buy for £4.99 in Bodycare, both being excellent value for money.

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist - Shade Medium - 4/10

Now, the main difference with this tan is the fact it is a spray. This may be easier as you simply spray over the desired area and massage in, whereas the other options require more product control. Personally, I prefer the Rimmel as I believe it provides a more controlled and even tan. Another difference is the smell. The smell of this is awful. I wore it on a night out, thinking it was similar to the Rimmel, yet I literally believe the longer I wore it the more it smelt. Very strong biscuit smell. And not in a nice way. This alone is enough to put me off. Also, it is slightly awkward to apply to the face. However, if the smell doesn't bother you, this may be one to check out as the colour is very similar to the Rimmel, so no orange tones yet with a smaller price tag sold in Bodycare. Also, this range comes in a large variety with lotions and mousses. You also get an additional 25ml than the Rimmel so it is extremely student friendly. 

HOW to tan

  1. Night before/morning of exfoliate the areas you would like to tan in order to get rid of dry patches of skin and dead skin cells. his ensures your tan goes on as smoothly as possible. Once dry, follow this up with your favourite moisturiser to rehydrate your body after the exfoliation, as well as creating a smooth and silky base for your tan.
  2. When the moisturiser has sunk in, it is time to actually apply the tan. I like to do it in sections to make it easier. E.g front of arm followed by the back of the arm OR lower front leg followed by upper front leg. By working in small sections, it is easier to control how much product is used, as well as giving enough time to let the product dry in. 
  3. Depending on the type of tan, leave to dry before putting on any clothes. I also recommend getting somebody to help you with the tricky areas such as your back, as well as being able to fix any possible mistakes that may be hard to see such as the back of the leg.

Overall, I strongly recommend the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Water Resistant tans in the Matte range. There is also a Shimmer range available yet I believe the Matte is much more natural looking. This product is perfect for an instant ''put on, wash off'' quick fix of colour for the day time or a night out. Ever since using tan I believe it makes the world of a difference, making one looking healthier and just better overall.

Happy Tanning!

Lots of love, 


P.S - please comment, would love to hear your thoughts too!

Saturday, 28 June 2014



Long time no speak ;)

I have officially finished exams and I can now call it SUMMERTIME!! I hope everyone wasn't too stressed during exam period and you are looking forward to a fun and fabulous summer. I would LOVE to get back into blogging straight away but I may need a little help first, so please do not be shy to request certain posts. I have ideas already but I would be 10 million times more passionate if someone actually requested me to do a certain something. I literally find it so so so inspiring when I receive a comment.

Thanks for reading

Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Short Break - Sorry

Hi everyone,

I really, really, REALLY appreciate the support I have been getting on my blog and I have just reached 75 followers on Bloglovin'! This may not seem like a lot to some people but I am extremely happy with this achievement.

I am just writing to inform you that I am taking a short break from blogging, as I need to focus on my studies. I know it sounds annoying when people say this but studying for my final year of A-levels has been quite a stressful experience. Regular posts should be back in June. However, if anyone has any specific requests or wants to message me, feel free as I am still receiving e-mails and am happy to respond.

Thank you so much for understanding,

Lauren xxx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Skincare Review: Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash


As you may or may not be able to tell from the photos above, this product has been very used up. And rightly so! Reader - meet the Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash from the ''Daily Essentials'' line by good ol' Nivea.

Through being no stranger to pesky skin care problems, I was on the lookout for a cleanser with no scary stuff in it. By scary stuff, I mean perfume. I love it on my body, but perfume is just not necessary on your face. I have come across some nasty smelling cleansers that still appeared to have perfume in it. What is the need? If a cleanser worked wonders and smelt awful you would still buy it right? Right.
Anyhow, so I was wandering through Superdrug and there was an amazing deal on (as per), so I picked this hidden gem up along with a couple of other things. At first I was quite sceptical as I hadn't heard anyone in the beauty community talk about this, yet the conjunction of the price tag and lack of ''rubbish'' ingredients made me bite the bullet and head to the till without a second thought.
The tube includes 150ml of product and it claims to be for ''Dry and Sensitive skin''. It kind of irritates me when brands pair dry and sensitive together, as you can certainly have one without the other. Yet if it was between this and a ''normal/combination'', product I would always for the dry option, in fear of astringent and stripping chemicals.
It is described as being a product that ''gently purifies and moisturises for a soft skin feeling'' with ''Natural Almond Oil & Hydra IQ''. Now, the word ''oil'' did freak me out a bit as I am oily enough but I was pleasantly surprised.
This cleanser is perfect if you are looking for something simple and basic for everyday use as I can rely on it to not break me out in more spots. It isn't drying and the small pink exfoliating beads are perfect in conjunction with the creamy texture. It doesn't leave your skin feeling horribly tight, which I think is rare in cleansers nowadays.
Also - I have recently seen this for only £1.75 in Superdrug which is an incredible bargain!! Why wouldn't you pick it up? I would literally recommended this to any skin type and I will certainly buy this again.

Thanks for reading,

Lauren xxx